Housebuilder, Miller Homes, has appointed Geostream UK to carry out extensive ISCR and stabilisation/solidification (S/S) on site in Old Trafford, Manchester.

Once home to a gas meter factory, the 5Ha site is heavily contaminated with TCE, including 4,300m3 of impacted soils and a TCE-impacted groundwater plume.

Our team has already played a central role in shaping the remediation strategy, conducting supplementary site investigation to provide certainty and ensure a cost-effective remediation solution.

This has included further delineation and sampling of the site, as well as in situ hydraulic conductivity testing and site-specific contaminant degradation studies.

Instead of treating soils with ex-situ bioremediation, as recommended by the consultant, we saw that S/S would remediate contaminants while geotechnically improving the soils to 130kpa to support piling rigs.

For ISCR of the groundwater plume, we’ve selected Carus’ powerful ABC®+ product, with 40T set to be injected during the project, using Geostream rigs.

Presenting our new data to the regulator has enabled us to revise the existing DQRA and the conservative remediation targets initially set. We also identified that half the site did not need remediating, agreeing our findings with the Environment Agency and taking 20 weeks off the programme.

Over the next few months, we will begin 280 chemical injections on-site, and the S/S of up to 18,000m3 of soil to produce the piling platform.

This programme will facilitate development of high-demand new apartments, situated minutes away from Manchester City Centre.