GeoStream UK has designed and built a bespoke, trailer-mounted chemical mixing unit, to speed up our chemical injection operations during in situ soil and groundwater treatment.

The new, portable equipment comprises three pneumatic pumps, which transfer liquid phase chemicals from a 55-gallon dosing tank, to a large 550-gallon mixing tank.

A re-circulatory system ensures that chemical solutions are thoroughly mixed prior to discharge to a manifold that is capable of injection under pressure to six well heads simultaneously.

Both tanks are fitted with emergency level (high/low) switches and a safety bound switch level in order to shut down the system if any leaks are detected.

All components on the mixing unit are suitable for use with highly corrosive oxidants.

Dr Chris Evans, technical director at GeoStream UK, said: “Our new trailer-mounted chemical mixing unit bolsters our in situ treatment offering. We are able to bulk mix chemicals on-site in order to carry out injections more cost effectively for the client.

“What’s more, the ability to move the mixing unit to various locations on site with minimal effort means we are able to greatly reduce the remediation programme – a huge benefit to our customers.”

GeoStream UK offers an in-house portfolio of field and regulatory proven, sustainable technologies that deliver groundwater and soil remediation for both in situ and ex-situ applications.

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