Geostream UK recently welcomed clients on site in Manchester for live CPD sessions on the treatment of TCE-contaminated groundwater by In-Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR).

Groups from leading environmental consultancies – such as ERM, e3p, WSP, Coopers and Brownfield Solutions – came to find out more about our approach to treating a 1 acre chlorinated solvent plume by ISCR.

The ISCR is part of a wider remediation and earthworks programme, which will prepare the site for over 260 new homes, including six-storey apartments.

Visitors watched the ISCR process in action, learning about our UK-exclusive substrates, ABC+ and ABC-Ole, and remediation methodology.

We’ve been heavily involved in this project from an early stage, with our team conducting additional site investigation to get a comprehensive understanding of contamination present. This included commissioning degradation studies to be carried out in American laboratories, with data being used to revise the original DQRA.

Our team also worked with the EA to set more accurate remediation targets, discharge planning condition and take 20 weeks off the original programme. On top of this, we agreed the early release of phase one of the site, allowing new homes to come to market early.

John McAuliffe, group managing director of McAuliffe and Geostream UK, said: “This has been an interesting technical remediation project, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to share our learnings with friends and colleagues.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time out to attend, and for the positive feedback we’ve received. We’re working on a number of complex brownfield sites across the UK, so will be arranging more CPD sessions in the coming months.”

If you’d like to take part in future CPD sessions held by McAuliffe and Geostream UK, please contact Lucy Martinez ( to register your interest