Capable of detecting a wide range of hydrocarbons, the intelligent system monitors the depth of Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) and groundwater to give real-time data on the hydrocarbons present.


  • The NAPLsense control panel and data logger continuously records the data received from the site
  • Provides live, real-time information on the thickness of hydrocarbons on the groundwater, including petrol, diesel, heavy oil and some DNAPLs
  • Sensor can fit down monitoring wells from 50mm diameter
  • Options for off-grid installations powered by solar or wind generators to cater for remote locations

How it works

  • Uses guided microwave technology to detect groundwater and NAPL
  • You select which data export option is most suitable and at a time that suits you – either remotely via 3/4G, Wi-Fi or WAN or manually using USB connectivity
  • NAPLsense can communicate with other process equipment, such as a remediation plant or alarm systems
  • Systems are available to rent or purchase and GeoStream will configure the system to your requirements


  • Installed as a single instrument or as a network of instruments across a site
  • The sender/receiver head unit can be located above or below ground in a 300mm diameter chamber
  • Each unit is connected to a power supply and data processing unit
  • Multiple wells can be configured together to a common processing unit
  • ATEX II 1G certified standard installation for use in hazardous atmospheres
  • Installation to any infrastructure is possible, including monitoring wells, well head chambers, below ground ducts and equipment compounds

What you get

  • Down well microwave guide wire
  • Signal transmitter
  • Signal receiver
  • Equipment protection tube

If you would like further information and costs, please email Chris Evans or James Cartwright at Geostream UK Limited.