GeoStream's physical remediation service

GeoStream as a single source provider can offer a full top down physical remediation solution with its own BIM (3D GPS) enabled civil engineering plant, including;

  • tank (UST/AST) and soil source removal
  • re-engineered development platforms
  • bioremediation
  • solidification/stabilisation with bespoke equipment
  • in-ground barriers (vertical and horizontal)
  • soils classification, physical screening and removal/treatment
  • development enabling works (demolition, removal of sub surface obstructions, and designed development platforms.)

GeoStream is expert in designing on-site solutions optimising on site re-use of suitable materials together with 3D cut/fill volumetrics which provide a mass fill balance to eliminate the volumes of contaminated soils and/or surplus soils leaving site. Using Material Management Plans (including the CL:AIRE Code of Practice) we can ensure the most cost effective solutions are provided.

GeoStream uses bioremediation of excavated soils to treat contamination such as petroleum products, solvents and chlorinated solvents. We use our own plant to process and aerate the soil to provide atmospheric oxygen to aerobic microorganisms, while careful selection of our own in-house chemicals provide the precursors to ensure effective bioremediation. The works are completed in accordance with our own environmental permits for on-site treatment of contaminated soils.

We employ soil solidification/stabilisation (the use of adsorption binders to treat contamination) on sites using our own bespoke manufactured equipment to deal with contamination which cannot be readily removed or eliminated, such has heavy metals and gas works waste. Solidification/stabilisation has the additional benefit of improving the ground conditions by increasing soil strengths.

GeoStream has designed and constructed over 100 barrier and cover systems to separate developments of contaminated soils and groundwater, this has included gas and leachate collection systems on former landfill sites for residential development. Using our own plant with BIM (3D GPS) controls we can meet tight tolerances required to ensure any capping system is installed in a cost-effective manner with minimal wastage and real time quality control. This also provides accurate as built verification for submission to regulators.

As a single source provider, GeoStream can also technically evaluate not only the removal of chemical contamination, but also physical obstructions from the subsurface, such as foundations, underground storage tanks and redundant drainage. We maximise the re-use of a range of aggregates from re-processed concrete with our specialist crushers and screeners. This can be executed as a joint operation concurrently providing an engineered development platform fit for purpose for handover to the build team or hand back for operational use.